HLA Proteins Presents A Free Webinar: Valuable Applications of HLA Proteins and Assays

William Hildebrand, PhD

Founder/Chief Scientist

Curtis McMurtrey, PhD

Director of Immuno-Proteomics

Saghar Kaabinejandian, PhD, Pharm D

Director of Immuno-Oncology

Rico Buchli, PhD

Director of Research

Wednesday, June 21 at 10:00am CDT

Pure MHC, LLC is a leading discovery and development company with platform technology and expertise in disease-specific HLA Class I and Class II target identification and validation, as well as immunotherapeutic drug development for cancer, infectious, and autoimmune diseases. In this webinar, members of the Pure MHC research team will present and discuss data and learnings drawn from decades of experience identifying and validating HLA peptide targets for therapeutic development. Special emphasis will be given to mitigating risk in preclinical target selection for oncology based on assessment of HLA peptide presentation profiles.

In this webinar, members of the HLAProtein and Pure MHC research teams will present and discuss data and learnings drawn from decades of experience identifying, validating HLA peptide targets for therapeutic development.  Special emphasis will be given to the use of soluble HLA reagents, HLA peptide binding assays, transplant HLA antibody diagnostics, and HLA tetramers and monomers for use in therapeutic target validation and development.



Pure Protein’s pioneering approach produces soluble forms of HLA Class I and II proteins (sHLA). These molecules support the development of diagnostic and therapeutic applications by creating properly configured and reproducible native HLA proteins in an industrialized and standardized process. This proprietary technology delivers naturally glycosylated, endogenously loaded, natively folded, recombinant molecules lacking transmembrane and cytosolic domains, that are synthesized in mammalian cells and purified using affinity chromatography.

Uses of Pure Protein’s sHLA technology and related assays are extensive, broadly covering peptidomic, immunologic, and serologic applications.  In this webinar, Pure Protein’s scientific team will discuss specific use case data and describe how the company’s reagents and contract assay services can be used to develop anti-cancer and anti-viral immunotherapies, select and validate novel targets, or for transplant diagnostics and screenings.

Speaker Biographies


Willie Hildebran, Ph.D.  Professor, University of Oklahoma HSC, George Lynn Cross Research Professor, Robert Glenn Rapp Presidential professor, PHF Endowed Professor, PHF Endowed Professor, ASHI Past President, Director, Clinical HLA Typing Laboratory.

Curtis McMurtrey, Ph.D. Four Time ASHI Top Scholar Award winner; Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from University of Oklahoma HSC.

Saghar Kaabinejandian, Ph.D. Pharm.D. and Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2012 ASHI Scholar.

Rico Buchli, Ph.D. Over 20 years’ experience at Pure Protein and its subsidiaries; Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Basel; Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Davis.