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We have selected a highly representative set of functionally intact HLA-A alleles that include allele frequencies, transplant frequencies, and ethnicity coverage for your immunological research.

HLA-A proteins


Soluble HLA Technology

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a soluble HLA molecule?

Soluble HLA molecules are recombinant proteins that have been technologically modified by removing the interfering transmembrane domain so they can be easily worked with.

How is soluble HLA different from natural HLA?

Soluble HLA differ from natural membrane-bound HLA only in one aspect, they have no transmembrane and cytoplasmic tail. The remainder of the molecule is equally antigenic for antibody recognition and loaded with endogenous peptides.

What does VLDL stand for?

VLDL stands for very low-density lipoprotein and herein defines a 10 amino acid stretch [SVVSTDDDLA] of the VLDL receptor that can be utilized as purification tag for affinity purification.

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