From gaining more clinical relevance in histocompatibility to making more advancements in immune dysfunction research of the least studied HLA allele

We offer a creative solution to unlock new ideas and discoveries by making available an extensive array of HLA-DP alleles representing a unique resource for your Immunological Research. Learn more about HLA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are detergents used for sHLA preparations?

Soluble HLA molecules do not have a transmembrane portion. As such, no detergents are required for solubilization.

Where do I find the sequence of a specific sHLA?

All individual sequences can be extracted from the datasheet provided on the product page.

What is the function of HLA Class II molecules?

The main function of HLA class II molecules is to present processed antigens, which are derived primarily from exogenous sources, to CD4(+) T-lymphocytes. HLA class II molecules thereby are critical for the initiation of the antigen-specific immune response.

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