HLA Tetramers and Immune Reagents to Develop T Cell Epitope-Based Immunotherapies

Large-Scale Manufacturing of peptide-modified soluble HLA molecules harboring a specific peptide of your choice used as Immunogen, Screening or Validation Reagent for the development of Therapeutic and Diagnostic Receptor modalities.

In recent years, there have been astonishing advances in the fundamental understanding of disease biology leading to remarkable treatments for once deadly diseases. The arrival of TCR-based immunotherapies heralds an exciting time for the development of new HLA peptide epitope-based diagnostics and therapeutics.

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The T cell receptor (TCR) is the guidance system that directs cytotoxic T cells to diseased tumor or virus-infected cells and eliminates them. TCR-based therapies take advantage of these exquisite natural targeting capabilities by generating specific T cell or T cell-like receptors utilizing specific peptide/HLA antigen complexes. Such HLA/peptide antigen recognition receptors can target both surface and intracellular proteins, overcoming a key limitation of current monoclonal antibody and CAR T cell therapies targeting only cell surface antigens. Overall, this new technology offers a number of promising routes to help us not only enhance infectious disease prevention, but also to progress in the fight against cancer.

The ability to physically modify HLA molecules by exchanging their natural peptide load, provides a powerful tool to stimulate, sense and monitor immunological events. HLAProtein’s established exchange process allows us to manufacture large-scale amounts of high quality sHLA proteins to advance immunological research by providing HLA/peptide target molecules that serve as immunogens for Immuno-Therapeutic and Diagnostic Receptor generation.

Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) are multimeric molecules utilized in many immune based applications that may be used in a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic formats. Pure Protein has developed a proprietary approach for exchanging the naturally loaded endogenous peptide with a specific custom-designed peptide of your choice.

The process involves a patented technology for cloning and expressing single HLA proteins in mammalian cells which are all accessible for the exchange process. Before initiating the exchange process, our HLA peptide validation service will confirm the suitability of the custom-designed peptide.

Having the naturally folded and glycosylated HLA with the custom loaded peptide produced without the associated cell membranes and other irrelevant but troublesome proteins allows for the use of the sHLA in a more clinically relevant manner.

Select from three convenient modalities

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HLAᵖᵉᵖ Monomers

Structurally, soluble HLA class I monomers are glycoproteins consisting of a heavy chain (comprised of a1, a2, and a3 domains), a light chain (b2m) and the peptide of interest forming a trimeric complex. The sub-designation α1, α2, and α3, refer to separate domains within the HLA gene where each domain is encoded by a different exon within the gene.

Biotinylated HLAᵖᵉᵖ Monomers

HLAprotein offers chemically modified sHLA proteins that are conjugated with a biotin moiety. These biotinylated sHLA allow for efficient binding to streptavidin with no steric hindrance and without inactivating antigenic sites fully preserving biological activity. Their high stability and binding capacity allow their usage in many applications involving the streptavidin-biotin system.

HLAᵖᵉᵖ Tetramers

HLAprotein is supplying tetramerized HLA proteins by incorporation of biotinylated HLA molecules into streptavidin. These HLA tetramers are very stable and not only reducing workflows but also providing high sensitivity. Tetramer technology is a dominant reagent for precise monitoring of CD8+ antigen-specific T cells in research and development of anti-viral and anti-cancer immunotherapies and also serves as exquisite immunogen for antibody generation. Our tetramer reagents are produced to the highest quality with little lot-to-lot variation and confirmed antigenic activity.

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